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Home Travels Zamagna Dies: the Middle Ages lives again in Prata

Zamagna Dies: the Middle Ages lives again in Prata

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ZamagnaDiesThree days of celebration, art, food and wine between tradition and folklore in a small village in the Avellino area: is what everyone could try from tomorrow until Sunday, October 17th, in Prata di Principato Ultra for the fourth edition of "Zamagna Dies." An opportunity for tourists to discover the old town walking between the streets and stairways of the old village.

It started on Friday 15th, with the "Gonfalone palio" when the districts will compete with several medieval games until "the tree of plenty" to win the Banner of Zamagna, kept until the next "palio". The prize for the winning district will be a trip to Dubrovnik, a city home of the Zamagna family who until 1854 had total control of the territory.
In the evening the Almost Quintet, a young local group, will play and people could have a taste of traditional country dishes with local wines, like the Greco di Tufo and Taurasi.
Under the direction of amateurs Giuseppe Ciamillo and Michele Russo, people can admire the stars, the moon and the planet Jupiter from the tower of the Baron's Palace: the symbol of the village and home of many noble families.
On Saturday and Sunday there will be the medieval historical re-enactment of the march and of the representation of ius primae noctis. More than 100 people in medieval costumes will revive the old town that will be even more impressive thanks to a series of light paths in the most beautiful places. The NCTP theater company will stage something was common, according to legend (historical data does not confirm or deny it): the right of the lord of lying the first night with the wife of his servant.
Space to the theater, too, with the Paul De Vito show, recently proposed to the Trianon Viviani theater of Naples, "La Mia Napoli" and exhibitions in the restored rooms of the Baron's Palace.
The Zamagna Dies is a street festival, which wants to attract tourists to Prata and then make them discovering the other attractions of this small town: the Basilica of the Annunciation and the catacombs. The first is the oldest shrine of the whole province: it was a burial site and probably the temple of Mars in Roman times. Later became a place of worship for early Christians. The catacombs, however, are beside the Basilica and during the summer nights become natural setting of the exhibition "Prata poetry".

Marianna Lepore

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