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Home Travels B&B day: sleep two nights, pay for one

B&B day: sleep two nights, pay for one

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B&Bday2011In times of economic crisis many people don't go on holidays, but this weekend there will be a golden opportunity for those looking to escape from their city for just two days. It is the B&B Day 2011, the fifth national day of the event created by the portal Bed and Breakfast to promote this kind of accommodations. If you book your weekend between March 4th and March 6th, your stay on Saturday 5th is free.

More than half of the accomodations involved in the B & B Day and in the circuit have already exhausted their availability. Cities like Florence and Rome and regions like Liguria, Tuscany and Lombardy were the most requested. But there are still many beautiful cities available and could be an opportunity to take a break from work before the Easter holidays, which this year will be very late, at the end of April.
The many reservations show how Italians like this new way to travel in a more conscious and personal way: that's why the number of hits on the website of B&B day 2011 reached more than 135,000 visits.
You can decide to book 5th and 6th March, or 4th to 5th or even decide for a real long weekend booking the 4th, 5th and 6th March: in all three cases, Saturday March 5th, free stay. An interesting weekend for tourism since it is close to the International Women's Day and the height of Carnival.
An opportunity, then, to come into direct contact with local customs and maybe get an idea about the destination of the next long vacation, probably in another b&b, according to the latest Istat statistics they are currently about 30 thousand.

Over the past five years, many families have decided to equip their home or another family home not used, and open it to travelers.
So the number of B & B has grown and diversified: it goes from those in city centers to those in metropolitan areas or just outside the city center but with a garden, to the more expensive with sophisticated furnishings. A way to give every traveler a B&B closer to his lifestyle.
And this weekend there is another novelty: the decalogue of Italian B&B approved by all the B&B:
ten ground rules to travel and feel at home.
So now you just have to check the availabilities and select the destination.

Marianna Lepore

Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 March 2011 19:19  
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