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Victims of the news

never asked to become an anti-mafia prosecutor. I fell into it and then I had a moral problem. People died around me. Paolo Borsellino
Society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it.  
Henry Thomas Buckle


The revolt of the slaves

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The revolt of immigrants in RosarnoIf you treat men like slaves, their only chance to defend their rights will be a violent uprising. What happened in Calabria is the result of years of criminal indifference on the part of citizens, national and local politics, to the benefit of organized crime. Immigrants who work in agriculture, in Calabria, as in many other places in Italy, live in inhumane conditions, controlled by a system of overseers. And their situation suits many.

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 January 2010 18:27

Suicide or natural causes

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The hurt body of Manuel Eliantonio, from an italian newspaperThis summer when some policemen were convicted of murder for the absurd deaths of Riccardo Rasman, Federico Aldrovandi and Gabriele Sandri seemed possible that was ending the impunity that so far in this country has always allowed the police to not respond to anything even when they commit terrible crimes.

Last Updated on Monday, 21 December 2009 15:18

Everything's normal in Italy

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Aldo BianzinoThe police had entered his house looking for evidence of drug trafficking. They found only one family of a man, a woman, their son and her elderly mother, 30 euros in cash and some marijuana plants in the garden. In this world where there are murderers and dictators who never pay for their crimes and commit the most monstrous atrocities with the shield of power, cultivating a plant is a very serious offense.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 December 2009 22:47

Riforma Gelmini, il no del Consiglio di Stato

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riformascuolaLa riforma delle scuole superiori di cui il Pdl ha tanto entusiasticamente parlato ha subìto, qualche giorno fa, un primo stop dal Consiglio di Stato che contesta i regolamenti emanati dal ministro perché “superano i limiti di delega”. La riforma delineata puntava principalmente su “meno ore, meno materie” con l’obiettivo di ridurre i costi e il personale.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 December 2009 17:33

The ongoing negotiation

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Murdered judges Falcone e Borsellino and the writing You've not killed them, their ideas still walk on our legs After the conflicting statements of mobsters Graviano and Spatuzza the loyalists of the premier, including the director of Tg1, claim victory saying that there was never any negotiation between the party of Berlusconi and the Mafia. Too bad that in reality this suspicion isn't based just on the statements of Spatuzza, now denied by his boss, but on a number of other witnesses and evidences. Indeed Dell'Utri before them had already been sentenced in first instance.

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 December 2009 14:48

It's easy to make a promise

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AquilaearthquakeWhen eight months ago the city of l'Aquila and the Abruzzo have been affected by the earthquake, it was easy to make promises about reconstruction. "The houses would be ready within the year and the city won't be abandoned". Today, a few days before Christmas, l'Aquila is still a destroyed city and Silvio Berlusconi, who months ago was the one promising the suspension of taxes, now has most important issues to attend to, to make sure that the promises are kept.

Last Updated on Friday, 11 December 2009 19:34

The fearsome immigrant

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Immigrant woman working in a field in Italy with his son A report edited by foundations in Europe and America, Transatlantic Trends: immigration, "photographed" the view of Europeans and North Americans, the rich West, about immigration. What emerges is a widespread ignorance, fears unjustified, and few positive news. The most interesting aspect for us is to discover that Italians aren't the only rich country to have had for years anti-immigrant propaganda on newspapers and televisions.

Last Updated on Thursday, 03 December 2009 16:58

The Holocaust is a moment away

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Gypsy children in Birkenau concentration campAnyone who studied history has asked himself how it was possible that Germany and its allies during the Second World War committed an abomination as the Holocaust. Millions of people killed because they were considered "different": Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, communists, opponents. To understand that just look at what is happening today in Italy. While an occasional newspaper article rhetorically asks whether Italians are racists in our country now there are people who quietly incite to genocide.

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 November 2009 17:09

No violence against women

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womenviolenceToday, all over the world, we celebrate the Day to end Violence Against Women. Forced marriages which also involve children, genital mutilations, rapes in contexts of war: all this should not seem distant and stranger, wrote the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, in a statement. Because, as the Head of State says, the violence has not been eradicated even in developed countries.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 November 2009 15:03

The gift to the Mafia from the Italian state

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LiberacontrolemafieThis morning, Don Luigi Ciotti was in via dei Prefetti, in Rome, to start the week of mobilization of the association Libera (Free by any mafia). "No gifts to the mafia, the confiscated property is Cosa Nostra (something only for us)" is the symbolic slogan of the auction, organized to raise public attention on the amendment to the budget law voted last week to the Senate. A measure that would clean out, after 13 years, one of the few good things done by the Italian government.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 November 2009 19:00

I pentiti

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Un pentito depone in tribunaleMolto probabilmente nei prossimi mesi o nelle prossime settimane assisteremo a uno dei soliti attacchi che la politica, ogni tanto, scatena contro i pentiti di mafia. Come si sa in Sicilia c'è un personaggio, tale Gaspare Spatuzza, che sta aprendo nuovi scenari sulle stragi del 1992-1993 e sui rapporti che i capi dell'epoca avevano con esponenti politici e non solo.

Last Updated on Monday, 23 November 2009 18:53

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