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Home Visions Videocracy: a documentary about Italy

Videocracy: a documentary about Italy

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Unaware viewers did not know that the show was the beginning of a complete change on the way of doing television. A revolution that would forever change the entire Italian political system, changing the values and becoming a powerful instrument of government for the nation.
The movements of the housewives strips are the first images of Videocracy, a documentary film by Erik Gandini, which will be presented September 3 in the Venice international film festival, in the independent section of the 24th International Critics' Week (SIC). So the public will enjoy eighty minutes of reportage on Berlusconi's Italy and especially on anthropological and cultural changes described by this forty-year-old director who has lived in Bergamo up to 18 years and then moved to Sweden. The one who is speaking, then, is even more ruthless because he is an Italian who looks puzzled at what has become today his country.

After thirty years of seminude girls, shaved guys, millionaires quizzes, gossip of any kind, ever more irreverent jokes and reality shows that have the only purpose of throwing new "human material" in the cauldron of television, who ran everything has reached his goal: give to television the power of democracy. This is the key of the movie. "In a videocracy the key of power is the image - said the filmmaker -. In Italy only one man has dominated the images for three decades. He was a TV magnate, then President: Silvio Berlusconi has created a perfect combination, characterized by political and entertainment television, as anyone else influencing the content of commercial television in the country. His TV channels, known fot the excessive display of seminude girls, are considered by many a mirror of his tastes and his personality."  

The chronicle of the last months, especially of recent days, shows the president has never changed his tastes on women.
Above all, what he has never changed is the message that must get to his audience: "have fun and forget the harsh realities of the moment."

Beyond the political views of individuals, the film aims to show how television can affect the behavior of individuals. Nanni Moretti in his film Il Caimano stated that "Berlusconi has already won, he changed our mind three decades ago".
Without him there wouldn't be today people as Lele Mora, Fabrizio Corona or the Big Brother, the "veline", the tronisti, a multitude of people who live only because appears and, thanks to television, may win a seat in Parliament and perhaps even becoming Minister for equal opportunities.
This is Italy of today. It is the documentary by Erik Gandini, which already make people reflect and, surely, will attract attention in Venice as the movies of the most famous directors. It is the power of TV.

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Marianna Lepore

Last Updated on Monday, 27 July 2009 19:15  
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